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Acupuncture Therapies and Fees

Complimentary consultation
Determine treatment plan/sessions/scheduling. Eligibility for coverage, Pre-payment plan options, VA referral required.

Evaluation and Treatment $120-140
Therapy session includes any or all of body and ear acupressure/ acupuncture, tuina massage, cupping, guasha, infrared heat, essential oils, food therapy

Follow-up sessions $65-75

Ear seed acupressure therapy $40
Choice of 30 minute Guasha, Cupping or Ear acupuncture relaxation therapy $40

Aroma-acupressure therapy $75
Application of essential oils to spine, back and feet to promote relaxation and well-being, relief of pain and tension

Acupressure massage (Tuina) $75, $40 for 30 minute

Reiki session $65

Essential oils, herbals, ear acupressure seed kits available for purchase.

Gift certificates available.

Eastern medical practice supports your body’s natural ability to heal and offers safe, effective therapies to move you back into a life of healthy balance.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by a physical, mental and/or emotional stressor (a loss, illness, injury, obligations) and lack the reserves to meet the challenge, heal and regain proper function. An exam of your healing system, health history and daily habits will direct your care. True healing begins once we discover and treat the root cause. Eastern medicine believes rest, exercise, diet and a happy mind are the cornerstones to building and protecting a life of joy and fulfillment.

Acupuncture, acupressure, ear pressure seeds, guasha, cupping, topical oils/ creams with heat are the key hands-on therapies you may receive.
Instruction for at-home care with acupressure, dietary/supplement or herbal needs empowers you to realize the health benefits at your fingertips.

In health and service for a happy you; I am never too busy for your call.

East West Health Center
Martha Pelletier RN AP
VOTA Bradenton