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“My Ship Finally Came In— But I Fell Off Of It!”

Someday that will be the name of my book; it is so true & part of my life.  4 ½ years ago, I was cooking on an ocean-going tug & barge for a crew of 7-15 men.  One morning while climbing down the side of the barge, my footing slipped.  I fell almost 30 feet and was impaled on the handrail of the tug, causing 7 or 8 ribs (front & back) to break, puncturing my left lung, rupturing my spleen & damaging my diaphragm.  My head hit the deck of the tugboat causing damage to my cervical vertebrae, adding compression fractures & Tarlov cysts to my lower back and a spinal cord injury. The doctors didn’t think I would walk again.  I had 7 surgeries, many hours of physical & occupational therapy, EMDR, a wheelchair, a walker, a cane.

I mentioned to my Neurologist one day “there has to be a better way to treat my pain than with all these pills you prescribe, What about Acupuncture?” Some friends gave me Martha’s name.  Nothing has taken the pain away like the Acupuncture, Cupping, Tui-na Massage, Herbs and Exercise. Martha Kokajko has changed my life by helping reduce the pain that I felt for so long.  I can now do many things that I wasn’t able to do

Thank You Martha, I appreciate all you have done for me.

Tammy G.