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Does Insurance cover acupuncture ?

East West Health is listed as a member of many insurance plans.   Because each policy is individual,  it is important to call your provider and determine your particular coverage.

Your employer may include acupuncture in your plan.   Manatee County School District is contracted with Florida Blue and  offers acupuncture as a covered benefit for employees.

East West Health is a qualified provider of acupuncture to veterans through the PC3 and Veterans Choice Programs.   Once the veteran has a referral from the VA, we are able to schedule an appointment for evaluation and treatment. There are no costs to the veteran.

Medicare and medicaid do not cover acupuncture at the present time.  A discount plan is available for those on a fixed income.

Some companies such as Blue Cross, Aetna, United Health or CIgna cover acupuncture for certain conditions or situations.

East West will call your insurance provider to determine your benefits.  We will file claims to your insurance.    Payments will be applied towards your deductible if required.


When you call for your acupuncture benefits it is important to ask :

  1. if your particular health need is covered
  2. how many treatments are allowed
  3. if you have a deductible amount to meet
  4. who can provide this service
  5. is there a co-pay with each office visit
  6.  Do you have in network and out of network coverage

Please call (941)744-9770 should you have other questions.  We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss health concerns, treatment planning and payment options.


Martha Pelletier RN AP