I have known Martha of the East/West Heath Center for five years.  From the very beginning, she worked to get to know how best to naturally correct that out-of-sorts feeling I call being “all crooked.”  She listens to you and literally pinpoints the problem areas.  I leave with an overwhelming sense of wellness.  You can, too.

If ever you find

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Pain & Stress

I called Martha because I was not satisfied with the acupuncturist I was seeing.  She fit me in right away and I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and her blending of new technology with traditional treatment. In addition, she advises me on handling stress and even got me a birthday card! Her treatment has kept my disc pain well

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I was tired of the doctors prescribing pills and more pills with no options, so I decided to seek out acupuncture to see if I would receive any benefit at all.

I had been experiencing digestive issues.

After the very first treatment, I had a profound positive reaction.  I no longer had pain, nausea and overall lethargy.  The benefits of the acupuncture were amazing

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“My Ship Finally Came In— But I Fell Off Of It!”

Someday that will be the name of my book; it is so true & part of my life.  4 ½ years ago, I was cooking on an ocean-going tug & barge for a crew of 7-15 men.  One morning while climbing down the side of the barge, my footing

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