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Ear Acupressure

Your ears are:

ear acupressure chart

  • as unique as your thumbprint
  • a microsystem of the whole body
  • a record of your health history
  • highly sensitive to touch
  • Closely aligned with brain and body and respond via a complex network of nerves and vessels
  • A safe, effective treatment area to help bring relief, restore proper function and promote well-being.
  • An easy hands-on way to treat yourself and family in the comfort of your home.

How does ear acupressure work?

Stimulation of pressure points on the ear work to correct the corresponding area of the body/brain that is creating signs/symptoms of poor function. A probe or detector is used to indicate tenderness and visible changes on the ear surface.

Ear Acupressure

You will receive simple instructions on how to apply stick-on seeds/crystals to these points and then press to stimulate a healing response. Using your finger, you will apply pressure to the seeds and massage for 5-10 seconds throughout the day for up to 5 days or as instructed.

Reapply as needed or visit your practitioner for assistance.


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