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Acupuncture in Village of the Arts

East West Health Center has moved from the Carlton Arms Plaza and is now located just south of downtown Bradenton in the Village of the Arts. The Village is a step towards a dream of a home town clinic rooted in early experiences of my doctor’s professional yet personal home clinic. This little community of artists and residents live a lifestyle of walking and cycling. I am surrounded by opportunities to partake in locally grown foods purchased at the farmers market or prepared in the village cafes and restaurants. You will find massage, meditation, art, color, music and more to feed your soul and inner healer.

This diverse setting fuels my belief in the body/mind ability to heal and regain normal function when given the proper tools and environment. And I want to provide my clients with the safest, most effective and affordable healing methods I know. I specialize in a drug-free solutions. Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine meets this standard of care. It is able to calm the nervous system and free our energy to heal from injury, chronic illness, daily stress and fatigue. An understanding of how the body works is a powerful tool to prevention of disease.

I invite you inside my new found cottage clinic where you will experience a personal, calm, nurturing environment. I encourage you to share your health concerns. As you heal you will learn the root cause of dysfunction while receiving the support of natural healing arts.


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